Robotics and IT Solutions

How we can help?

We are a group of technical people who happen to be awesome with computer programming and IoT devices. We are now living in a world where everything is affected with something digital, which is somehow we know how to manipulate. What we are trying to say really is we can build that piece of software or hardware that you think can help you. Of course in exchange for a fee. Let’s say we give and take.

Web Development

We develop websites using open-source technologies. Be it a show-and-tell site or a more complex one with systems and processing in place.

Mobile Development

Building once and deploying to all is our take in Mobile development. It will be easier for us and way cheaper to you.

IoT Development

Plants that can tweet on twitter and robots that can do chores are quite fascinating. Thanks to the IoT devices the enable this.


Here are some of the projects that we have built. Check them out and give us a like when you find it nice.